“Just Trust Me.”

The phrase above is one I often hear from God in a variety of situations in my life. Sometimes God’s ways and plans don’t make sense to the human eye and experience but we must trust him. This is true both in our long-term paths and in the short term day to day life stuff.

Sometimes our experience of trusting God makes us feel like we’re hanging off the edge of a cliff. Sometimes it feels like we’re walking around in the dark. As I reflect on trusting God, I’m reminded of the experience of doing trust falls at church camp. I never liked doing them. I remember having to fall back into someone’s arms and trust that the other person would catch me.

Trusting God means that we surrender to him no matter what. Faith is a part of trust. Hebrews 11:1 says: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for & the evidence of things not seen.”

What areas of your life is God asking you to trust him for? Will you join me in placing your trust in him in those areas?

Trusting in God, Day by Day….

Apryle 😊

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Hey! Thank you for visiting my blog. God recently planted in me the desire to write. I will be writing and sharing about faith, Mental Health, and a variety of other topics. I’m a faithful servant of Jesus who desires to help others grow emotionally and spiritually.

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